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Where Do You Get the Skishoe Feeling?

skishoes, snowshoes, cross-country skis

As with skiing and snowshoeing, you can use gliding snowshoes anywhere there is enough snow on the ground. Of course, when you get a dump of snow, anywhere is fair game, including yards, streets and parking lots (until the snowplows come), golf courses, forests, parkways, and fields. But under normal conditions, where are the best places to skishoe? Typically, the ideal spot has established trails, maybe even groomed and tracked, but room to skishoe alongside them in powder and plenty of opportunities to venture off the trail. Across the country, we’ve found these areas that make for ideal skishoeing.


Cazenovia, New York


Old Forge and Inlet, New York


Raymond B. Winter State Park, Pennsylvania


Turin, New York


Big Bear Lake, California


Pulaski, New York


High Point State Park, Sussex, New Jersey