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Trackers Skishoes
506 Twilight Dr.
Sugar Grove, VA 24375

Many options available

Trackers Skishoes
Trackers Skishoes

Faber Sliding Step Snowshoe
Faber Sliding Step Snowshoe

Crampons secure with easy-to use knobs for deployment in the field
Crampons secure with easy-to use
knobs for deployment in the field
Climbing skin attaches at tip and tail
Climbing skin attaches at tip and tail

Please note that Trackers Skishoes are currently not available. We hope to have them for the 2022-23 season. Let us know if you'd like to be put on the waitlist for them.


Our hybrid snowshoe is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and has fish scales in the base for adding climbing power. It comes with a standard cross-country ski binding or a snowshoe binding. The ski binding options include NNN, NNNBC (back country), Salomon SNS, and three-pin. Cross-country skiers that have boots for the sport would typically use a model with the ski binding, while snowshoers, hikers, and non-skiers would use the model with a snowshoe binding, which doesn’t require a special boot. A hiking boot, or something similar, will work.


Two accessories are available for Trackers: removable crampons and climbing skins. The crampons bolt across the bottom to provide more grip and basically turn the ski into a snowshoe. Similar to that used with cross-country and alpine touring skis, the climbing skin grips going uphill to give more climbing power.


With its tubular construction, the Faber S-Line Sliding Step Snowshoe looks like a snowshoe, but it has a plastic plate on the bottom and no metal crampons. Its snowshoe binding accommodates any type of boot. It comes in three sizes: 5”x36” for weights up to 150 lb., 5.5”x40” for up to 225 lb., and 6”x46” for up to 300 lb. And it comes with a set of skins that you can mix and match to give you nine variations of uphill climbing traction and glide.


The Altai Hok skis are made of laminated ski construction with metal edges and a climbing skin on the bottom for the ultimate traction. You can use it like a snowshoe or cross-country ski with a kick-and-glide technique, or you can edge it and turn it like a ski on the downhills, It comes in two sizes: 125 cm and 145 cm, with the smaller version good for up to 175 lb. The Hoks come as a blank without bindings, with a universal binding, or with a 3-pin binding. The universal binding accommodates any hiking boot or similar.


Trackers Skishoes prices:

  • Blank (no bindings): $172.00/pair
  • With snowshoe bindings: 325.00/pair
  • With NNN bindings: 235.00/pair
  • With NNN BC (backcountry) bindings: 325.00/pair
  • With SNS bindings: 300.00/pair
  • With 3-pin bindings: 210.00/pair  


Trackers accessories:

  • Climbing skins: 165.00 (pair)
  • Removable crampons: 110.00 (pair)


Faber S-Line Sliding Step Snowshoe prices:

  • 5” x 36”: $232.00/pair
  • 5.5” x 40”: 248.00/pair
  • 6.5” x 46”: 285.00/pair


Altai Hok ski prices:

  • 125 cm, blank: $250.00
  • 125 cm, universal binding: 399.00
  • 125 cm, 3-pin binding: 316.00
  • 145 cm, blank: 250.00
  • 145 cm, universal binding: 399.00
  • 145 cm, 3-pin binding: 316.00


To order, send us an e-mail ( telling what you want, your shipping address, and your phone number. We will give you an estimated delivery time and call you for your credit card information. The credit card information secures your order, but we won't run it through until we know the skishoes are on their way to us. Keep in mind that delivery times can be long.



Brent Linde of Lancaster, PA climbs and then descends a hill on the BREIA trails on Egypt Road near Alder Creek, NY:

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